Port Elizabeth – 05 September 2016 – This year Muir College Boys’ High School in Uitenhage extended their generosity to Thand’usana Babies Safe Home in Port Elizabeth, hosting their very first Charity Golf Day on 18 August 2016 at the The Hill, Port Elizabeth Golf Club in support of this independent Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).


    The Muir College Charity Golf Day that took place in Port Elizabeth attracted a number of local companies who were all very eager to jump in and help with sponsorships and donations for this cause.


    On 5 September 2016, Mr. Robin Stephenson, Headmaster of Muir College Boys’ High School visited Thand’usana Babies Safe Home to do the official handover of the funds that were raised at the Charity Golf Day. “The experience was truly heartwarming, we would really like to make this an annual event.” Mr. Stephenson explained.


    Lorna Lamerton, the House Mother of Thand’usana Babies Safe Home thanked Muir College for initiating the Charity Golf Day. “We very much appreciate that you kept us in mind!” Lorna added.


    Thand’usana Babies Safe Home is a temporary safe haven who cares for HIV infected or ill-treated babies until a more permanent solution can be implemented. Thand’usana provides a safe and loving home for no more than six babies at a time and ensure that they are placed with the right families when the time comes. They are a self-governing NPO and rely mostly on the generosity and support of others. For more information and to get involved, visit: www.thandusana.co.za.


    The College Choir competed in the final of the ATKV-Applous Choir Competition this past week in Stellenbosch. This is a national competition promoting choir singing amongst school children. 185 choirs entered the competition and only 40 choirs were selected to compete in the finals.


    All excited and ready, the choir departed for Stellenbosch on Wednesday, 3 August, making the long 11 hour journey in the bus.


    On Thursday, 4 August, the competition day finally arrived. The competition was very tough with schools from all over the country taking part. The choir had an amazing performance, giving people goosebumps. They received a Silver award with a percentage of 76. We are extremely proud of this achievement.



    Please note that the 2015 National senior certificates are available for collection from the Muir College office from 08h00-15h00.


    18 July 2016 School Re-open

    19 July 2016 Finance Committee Meeting

    22 July 2016 Chess: Snr vs Despatch (A)

    22 July 2016 Chess: Prim vs Westering (H)

    23 July 2016 Rugby: Snr vs Woodridge (A)

    23 July 2016 Hockey: 1sts & U/16 vs Pearson (H)

    23 July 2016 Chess: Snr vs Despatch

    25 July 2016 Blood Donor's Clinic

    26 July 2016 SGB Meeting

    26 July 2016 Choir Spur Buddy Evening

    27 July 2016 Rugby: Prim vs Winterberg (H)

    27 July 2016 Parents Information Evening

    29 July 2016 Hockey: U/14 vs Summerwood (A) & U/11 vs Grey B (H)

    29 July 2016 Snr Best Speaker Competition

    29 July 2016 Wildlife - SPCA Visit

    29 July 2016 Chess: Snr vs Pearson & Prim vs Tjaart Van Der Walt (A)

    29 July 2016 Trivia Evening

    30 August 2016 Rugby: Snr vs Despatch (H)

    30 August 2016 Hockey: 1sts & U/16 vs Pearson (A)

    02 August 2016 Rugby: Prim vs Handhaaf (A)

    03 August 2016 Public Holiday - Voting Day

    03 August 2016 ATKV Choir Tour

    05 August 2016 Hockey: U/14 vs Claredon (H)

    05 August 2016 Hockey: U/ 11 vs Astra (A)

    05 August 2016 Rugby: U/ 11A, U/13A vs George Randall (H)

    06 August 2016 Rugby: Snr vs St Andrews (A)

    06 August 2016 Hockey: 1sts & U/16A vs Grey (A)

    06 August 2016 Chess: Snr vs Grey

    06 August 2016 Chess: Prim vs Charlo

    08 August 2016 School Holiday

    09 August 2016 Public Holiday - Women's Day

    10 August 2016 Rugby: Prim vs Sonop (A)

    12 August 2016 Hockey: U/14 vs Herbert Hurd (A)

    12 August 2016 Hoceky: U/11 vs St Georges (A)

    12 August 2016 Chess: Prim vs Mount Pleasant (A)

    12 August 2016 Chess: Snr vs Framesby (H)

    13 August 2016 Rugby: Prim & Snr vs Graeme (A)

    13 August 2016 Hockey: 1sts vs Sanctor (H)

    13 August 2016 Hockey: U/16 vs Pearson (A)

    19 August 2016 Hockey: U/14 vs St Georges (A)

    19 August 2016 Hockey: U/11 vs Lorraine (H)

    19 August 2016 Chess: Snr vs Westering (A)

    19 August 2016 Chess: Prim vs Moregrove (H)

    20 August 2016 Matric Farewell

    23 August 2016 Finance Committee Meeting

    26 August 2016 Annual Operation

    26 August 2016 Hockey: U/14 vs Westering (H)

    26 August 2016 Hockey: U11 vs Sunridge (A)

    26 August 2016 Chess: Snr vs Alex (H)

    26 August 2016 Chess: Prim vs Kabega Prim (A)

    30 August 2016 Matric Trial Exams Begin

    30 August 2016 SGB Meeting

    02 September 2016 Chess: Prim vs Newton Park (H)

    03 September 2016 Spring Festival

    10 September 2016 Wildlife Excursion - African Dawn

    14 September 2016 Test Series Begins (Gr 8 - 11)

    23 September 2016 Test Series Ends (Gr 8 - 11)

    27 September 2016 Matric Trial Exams End

    30 September 2016 Schools Close


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