School & Hostel Fee Structure 2015

Clothing Shop Pricelist 2015

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- 2016 Applications now Open.

- Kindly apply before 29 May 2015.


Enrolment for 2016 now open


Applications for Admission (Grade 4 - 8) will now be considered. Parents wishing to apply should:

• Call at the school for the prescribed application forms, OR

• Collect at the office


Muir College has a long and proud tradition offering:

• High educational standards

• Instruction through English medium

• Excellent facilities

• Balanced extra-mural curricular activities

• Hostel accommodation


Completed forms for grade 8 should reach the Headmaster by 29 May 2015, and completed forms for grade 4 - 7 should reach the Headmaster by 5th of June 2015.




Lyle Ressouw our top achieving matric student for 2014 has received his revised marks. Lyle's hard work and dedication has paid off with him achieving an A aggregate for his matric finals. Too add to this Lyle obtained 100% for Mathematics, 99% for Accounting, 96% for Life Sciences and 96% for Physical Sciences. Lyle is currently studying Actuarial Sciences at Stellenbosch University. We contacted Lyle for a short message to all students currently in matric and younger.


Lyle had this to say:


"Here are 3 tips that I used that might help you as well.


1. Create support structures consisting of people with positive attitude who want you to succeed. You should come to realize that your family, teachers and good friends only want to see your full potential. Don’t be too proud to seek their guidance and support. Their love and understanding will be crucial in getting you through this stressful time in life.


2. Set goals and stick to them. This cliché mantra will help you achieve victory. It all starts with admitting to yourself what you want to get out of your matric year. Every person comes from a different background and has unique aspirations, so your goals of success will vary from that of your peers. For example, one of your friends might simply want to pass well whereas another is striving for a distinction in all 7 subjects. Any goal that relates to where you see yourself at the end of matric is worthy as long as set according your own interest and not to please someone else. Keep in mind that the only person’s expectation you are obligated to meet is your own. Don’t let the judgement of others deter you from what you truly what to achieve and become. That being said only hard work, persistence and planning will help you realize your objectives. There is no short-cut. There will be a moment or two when you feel like giving up and straying from the path to success.  When these little monsters rear their ugly heads, and trust me they will, remind yourself of what you are striving towards and the pleasure and triumph it will bring in the end.


3. Be prepared for sacrifices. Tackle every problem head on and have firm belief in your ability. Know when you should take a break – and more importantly – when you shouldn’t. Matric gives you a chance to forge you own destiny. Approach it with passion and you will not regret a single moment.


I wish you the best of luck, a year to cherish and you go on to realize your dreams"





The Muir College Rugby teams have been appointed Spur Buddy Evenings in order to raise funds. This is an excellent opportunity for the boys to shadow spur staff on the designated evenings. A portion of the takings will go back to the school for their efforts. The Spur Buddy Evenings will take place at Wild Rapids Spur in Uitenhage on:


Tuesday 2 June 2015

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Tuesday 1 September 2015


These evenings are open to all and we encourage everyone to come and enjoy and tasty meal with the family in support of the Muir College Rugby.


PLEASE NOTE: In order for Muir to receive any contributions, tickets must be presented upon entering Spur. Please make sure you have collected tickets from Lyntin Gouws. You can contact him on 0833585057.

The above special event will be taking place again this year! The Old Muirite Union is very proud to announce that after last years huge success, we will be once again holding the O.M.U. Golf day.


The Old Muirite Union Golf Day has become one of THE special events on the golfing calendar in our region. We annually receive sponsorship from companies both large and small. Their generosity makes it possible for the O.M.U. to produce an array of prizes not often equalled.


Your assistance will enable us to assist Muir College financially in their efforts to continue offering education “Second to None” to its boys. It also offers an opportunity for many friends to get together and reminisce in a spirit of camaraderie. A wonderful way to entertain business associates.


In return we offer our sponsors as much mileage as possible. You will be part of a day that has been oversubscribed (250 plus players) for the previous 7 Opens.



13/4 School Reopens
15/4 PTA Meeting
15/4 Rugby - Primary vs Innes (Away)
17/4 Maths Olympiad at Alexander Road
17/4 Squash: 1st, 2nd vs DP (Away)
18/4 Rugby - Seniors vs Kirkwood (Home)
18/4 Rugby - Primary vs Kirkwood (Home)
20/4 Blood Donor Clinic
22/4 Rugby - Primary vs Ankervas (Home)
22/4 Despatch Choir Festival
24/4 Squash: 1st, 2nd vs Alex (Home)
25/4 Rugby - Seniors vs Union (Away)
25/4 Rugby - Primary vs Union (Away)
27/4 Public Holiday
29/4 Rugby - Primary vs Frans Conradie (Home)
30/4 Civvies Day
01/5 Public Holiday
06/5 Rugby - Primary vs Winterberg (Away)
08/5 Squash: 1st vs Framesby (Away)
08/5 Squash: 2nd vs Harvest (Away)
09/5 Rugby - Seniors vs Nico Malan (Home)
09/5 Rugby - Primary vs Lorraine (Away)
13/5 Rugby - Primary vs Sonop (Home)
15/5 Squash: 1st vs Development (Home)
15/5 Squash: 2nd vs Kirkwood (Away)
16/5 Rugby - Meyer Sauerman: IRB level 1 (Home)
19/5 Finance Committee Meeting 19/5 Rugby Spur Buddy Evening
19/5 ATKV Apploos Regionals
20/5 Rugby - Primary vs Handhaaf (Home)
21/5 OMU Executive meeting
22/5 Squash: 1st vs Development (Away)
22/5 Squash: 2nd vs Westering (Home)
22/5 OMU Trivia Evening
23/5 Rugby - Seniors vs Brandwag (Away)
26/5 BOG Meeting
27/5 Rugby - Primary vs Susannah Fourie (Home)
29/5 Squash: 1st vs Framesby (Home)
29/5 Squash: 2nd vs Woodridge (Away)
30/5 Rugby - Seniors vs Westering (Away)
30/5 Rugby - Primary vs Westering (Away)
03/6 Exams Start (Grade 8 - 12)
06/6 Rugby - Seniors vs Volkskool (Home)
15/6 School Holiday
16/6 Public Holiday
16/6 Finance Committee Meeting 20/6 Rugby - Seniors vs Grey (Away)
23/6 BOG Meeting
25/6 Exams End
25/6 OMU Executive meeting
26/6 Schools Close
27/6 27-1 July Cape School week at Grey


Physical Address Sir Thomas Muir Drive
Vanes Estate
6229 Postal Address PO Box 231
Vanes Estate
Main Reception Tel: 041 966 1147
Fax: 041 961 0187 Email:
- Mrs J. Trenerry Email: - Mr N.C. Hopley

O.M.U. Contact Details


National Secretary:Devin Astbury


Cell: 073 2420 241




Devin Astbury

Tel: 041 966 1147

Cell: 073 2420 241